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Hard Water Makes for a Hard Life

Life without soft water is hard.
Without a functioning water softener, you may experience dry, itchy skin and hair, dull and scratchy clothing, lime scale buildup on appliances, scummy dishes and more. If you’re suffering from these effects, we can provide a fix that’s easy on your budget.

Five Star Plumbing of Greater San Antonio is your local solution for water softeners, water conditioning and purification with 15 years of experience in maintenance, repairs and installations.

Maintenance and Tuneups

Our competent team wants to prevent you from ever having to take a sickening sip of salty water due to a failed water softener. Through our regular maintenance and tuneups on your water softener, you’ll never have to. We’ll ensure that your softener is working in top condition for the entirety of its warranty.

Installations and Repairs

We’re trained and qualified to run diagnostics and perform repairs when your water softener exhibits signs of failure. In the event of complete failure, we can also install entirely new units so you can enjoy the benefits of soft water in your home or business again.

General Water Filtration

We offer multiple methods of water treatment and filtration to make sure you have a clean water source for your family, clients, and employees. Take a look at the options we provide.

UV Light Treatment

UV water purification involves special UV lamps that can disrupt the DNA of microorganisms and kill bacteria. This is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for water treatment and is 99% effective

Reverse Osmosis System

As a popular option for millions of American households, reverse osmosis systems improve taste and remove odor by eliminating contaminants, moving the tap water through a semipermeable membrane. These systems require periodic filter changes.

Chlorine Injection System

Water chlorinators periodically inject a small, safe amount of chlorine into your water source to prevent algae and growth and kill bad smells. This method has become especially popular because of the affordability of chemical injections.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are versatile water treatment systems. They are known mostly for their treatment of organic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and more. They also effectively remove taste and odor. Ask our informed team for more details.

Media Filters

We also offer various media filters with different filtration mediums to suit your needs. Get in touch with us to learn about which media filter will benefit you the most.

Iron Breakers

Iron breakers are used more specifically for well water. They are effective in removing traces of iron from the water without using chemicals.

We’re ready to increase the quality of your residential or commercial water source. Give us a call today to determine which method of water treatment is right for you.

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