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Comprehensive Care for Your Plumbing System

At Five Star Plumbing, we’re all about living up to our name. Our goal is to be the very best plumbing services in Greater San Antonio — and we’re doing it. We bring the best brand names and highly skilled service to the table, as well as people-oriented workers with a full range of skills necessary for the plumbing problems you may encounter. Whatever issue needs to be addressed, our versatile handymen will handle it.

Five Star Plumbing Greater San Antonio

General Plumbing Greater San Antonio

Five Star Plumbing is here for all general plumbing needs. We subscribe to the theory that maintenance and inspecting will prevent issues before you ever have to deal with them and to make sure you always have your plumbing working. If you already have an issue but are unsure what it is, our dependable team will troubleshoot the issue and restore your system to full function.

When our crew arrives at your home, we strive to keep it as nice as we found it. We also look for non-invasive ways to care for your pipes, which is why we proudly offer video camera inspections of your plumbing system. This makes it easier for us to detect and repair leaks with greater accuracy and minimal mess.

We’re also happy to test your water quality. We want your family to have pure water for drinking and cleaning so you can maintain your health. If you suspect hard water or foreign contaminants in your water source, let us know. We’ll be happy to help you out.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Our servicemen are experts with drains and sewers. We want to keep your lines flowing smoothly so you never have to deal with the unpleasant aftermath of broken lines or backflow. We give thorough drain cleaning services, particularly for the main drain, where we use pressure jetting to clear your pipes of any stoppages or debris without harsh chemicals. To provide you with the best sewer cleaning, we offer non-invasive plumbing inspections with a TV camera.

Installations and Repairs

When the damage has already been done and you need a repair or an entirely new unit, Five Star Plumbing excels in piping installation and repair. We can provide this service with the main water line and any leaks you may be faced with.

Turn to Five Star Plumbing for the best service Greater San Antonio residents have access to. Give us a call today for a maintenance inspection or an emergency repair.

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Service Hours: 24/7
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