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The Clog Conundrum

Slow drainage? Terrible smell? Pooling water? You may be the victim of a drain clog, which is a serious nuisance. A clogged drain can keep you from accomplishing important tasks, leave behind unpleasant residue and cause further plumbing problems. Look to Five Star Plumbing for a fast response and a quality, long-term solution with our drain cleaning services.

How We Can Help

There are multiple ways in which Five Star Plumbing can help you oust the clog from your plumbing system with our drain cleaning services. The first is in the case of a less severe clog. First, we will determine the source of the clog by conducting an in-line video inspection. Once we have found its location, we will use our high-pressure water jetting technology to flush the clog from your pipes.

In the event of a worse problem, we can also replace your pipes or your line. This is much less likely than the first scenario, but may be necessary if the condition in your system is more than a mere clog.

Preventing Clogs

The best way to avoid a clogged drain is through preventative maintenance. Even when you do all you can on your own to ensure the well-being of your pipes, they still accumulate rust, hair, grease and more over the years. Ask us about preventative maintenance inspections to save you future costs.

Reach out to Five Star Plumbing in Greater San Antonio, TX,  today if you notice any indications of a clog. We’re happy to help.

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Service Hours: 24/7
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