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Water Heater Repair and Installation Services in Greater San Antonio, TX

How often do you expect hot water to come from your pipes? It’s probably every day, right? Water heaters play an important part in our homes, but we typically don’t appreciate them until we can’t take a hot shower. When this happens you need the best hot water heater repair in Greater San Antonio, TX, and that is where the team at Five Star Plumbing comes in.

Water Heater Repair Greater San Antonio, TX

Your water heater is way too important to be out of commission. No one likes showering in cold water or washing dishes without the sanitizing properties of hot water. You probably didn’t realize how much you relied on it until it gave out. If you find yourself in this position, lean on the Five Star Plumbing customer fanatics to make life comfortable again in a flash.

How We Can Help

The highly capable plumbers of Five Star Plumbing are skilled enough to service any and all makes and models of water heaters, whether standard or tankless. These services apply in both residential and commercial settings. When your water heater gives you trouble, call us in for one of our professional services.

Safety Inspections and Maintenance

Looking at it, you might not think your water heater is a dangerous appliance. On the contrary, it’s one of the most dangerous in a building. Inspections by our knowledgeable team will protect your property and inhabitants from water heater malfunctions. Routine water heater maintenance will also help your water heater perform optimally and use less energy, maybe even extending its life.

Flush, Repair, or New Installation

Over the years, your water heater accumulates sediment that can damage the tank and cause the appliance to fail prematurely. Our service-oriented plumbers will flush your water heater to keep it functioning and can perform any repairs when it stops working.

When your current water heater has lived a long life and given up the ghost, we can also perform new installations and supply you with a new Rheem water heater, one of the highest-rated, energy-saving brands. Upon request, we can order a different brand to suit your preferences. When you purchase new water heaters through us, you will receive $150 off your installation as an expression of our gratitude.

When your water heater acts up, don’t trouble yourself. Come to us instead with all your water heater needs in Greater San Antonio and you’ll get the five-star treatment.

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