What to Do In an Emergency Plumbing Situation

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Any plumbing problems you experience in your house are an annoyance to deal with and while many of them fall in the DIY category, some problems require the immediate help of an emergency plumber. Emergency plumbing situations cause damage to your home, and are best dealt with by a professional. Some examples of when you need emergency plumbing services are broken or frozen pipes, gas leaks, central heating breakdowns or sewer backups.Busted Pipes - Plumbing Repair San Antonio
If you properly maintain your plumbing, this will lessen the risk that an emergency happens, but we recommend always having handy the name and number of an emergency plumber, just in case. Below you will find what you need to do in case any of the following plumbing emergencies happen.

What to do in the case of a plumbing emergency

Gas Leak
If you suspect a gas leak, or you smell gas in your home, the first thing to do is switch off the main valve, and then contact an emergency plumber. An unattended gas leak can cause injury or damage to you and your property, so it’s very important to get the problem looked as quickly as possible if you smell gas.

Broken Central Heating
Central heating problems can be considered an emergency if they happen during an icy winter or a home with people who are in poor health, elderly people or young children. Some central heating issues are easily fixed, such as the thermostat being switched off, a tripped circuit breaker or an empty oil tank. If you’ve checked for all of these issues and cannot pinpoint why your central heating is not working, your next step is to call an emergency plumber.

Burst or Leaking Pipes
If you experience leaking or burst pipes, you must first turn off the main water valve, and then contact an emergency plumber. If you don’t know how to locate your main water valve, contact a plumber to look over your home and let you know which valves you need to turn off in the event of an emergency.
Leaking or burst pipes can’t be fixed by DIY, they should always be replaced or repair by a professional plumber. Make sure that they check all your other plumbing and pipes for any other damage. To temporarily fix your leak, stuff towels and rags around the pipes and place a bucket underneath them to avoid any further damage.

Sewer Backups
If you have a foul smell in your home, you are most likely experiencing a sewer backup. Another way to identify if you have a sewer backup is if your drains are blocked, and the water is rising back up into the system. If you see anything like this happening, you need to contact a plumber so they can take a look at it as quickly as possible.
If you find yourself having any of these emergency plumbing situations, then you need to call for professional help. Any advice given to you by the emergency plumber should be listened to carefully, so you know what to do in the future.