Why Every Homeowner Needs Professional Water Softener Services from Five Star Plumbing

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There are a few things you need to do to upkeep your water softener, such as cleaning out the brine tank and occasionally adding salt to your softener. This will keep your water softener running for the most part, but it’s also recommended that you get your equipment serviced annually. water softener installation san antonio
There are a few reasons why it’s important that you call a professional to do a yearly service visit, such as:
Upkeep and Cleaning: During the annual service, your professional water softener services professional Plumber will clean out your brine tank and recharge your resins. They also inspect your water softener for any bridging salt in your brine tank and if needed will sanitize your entire system.
Optimization of the Settings: When you annually service your water softener, you are ensured that the valve settings are at their optimal setting, saving you money. As an example, if the size of your family changed because you had a new baby or one of your children moved out of your house, you are now using more or less water. Your professional will adjust the settings on your valve so that the regeneration of your water softener is less frequent. Take into consideration that many newer water softener units can calculate your water consumption and regenerate accordingly, so if you have more modern unit, the professional might not need to adjust any settings.
Required Maintenance: As with all your other household appliances, water softeners have o-rings and other moving parts that wear out with the passage of time, and they need to be replaced. The valve on your softener is also going to require maintenance and service at some point. When a softener is installed, you are paying to have a higher quality of water, and your investment should be protected by proper maintenance. Annually servicing your unit means that you will reap the benefits of having soft water. A water softener also reduces the usage of soap and detergents, and it also protects any appliances that use water such as your washing machine, dishwasher or water heater. Professional water softener services can help you maintain your unit in the best possible shape, extending its lifespan.

Assessment of the Water: A water treatment technician can test your water and ensure that its constituents have not changed in the last year. You may receive water from a public water supply, but even so, variations in the municipal water plant alter the water your household receives. Depending on the results of the water test, a professional will adjust the settings on your system or do anything else needed to make sure you have the best water quality in your home, such as installing a pre-filter. If your water comes from a well, any herbicides used for farming, runoff from storms amongst other things seep into the groundwater, which is why annually testing your water is recommended.

Contact Professional Water Softener Services ASAP

You should contact a professional if you notice any of the following things:
● The level of your salt softener is still at the same level from day to day, and you see no salt consumption during the regeneration process.
● Your water feels hard, and you notice hard water spots on your shower walls or dishes.
● The quality of the water suddenly changes.

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