Hard Water Solutions

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Hard water is quite a common problem for homeowners across the country. Hard water is full of ions and minerals – it’s completely natural and hasn’t been through any chemical processes. Although hard water is safe to drink, many people don’t want to use it in their home. It causes stains on dishes, cutlery, and glasses, it fades fabric and can make whites turn gray, and it stops soaps from lathering properly. Furthermore, it causes scale to build up in appliances that use water, and that’s just naming a few of its negatives. Water Softeners San Antonio

If you do not yet have a water softener, or you don’t want one installed, there are ways that you can reduce the hard waters impact on your home.

Water heater temperature

When you run your water through a water heater, it can contribute to mineral build up and hard water stains. Over some time, scale will build up in the water heater but, if you reduce the temperature of your heater, you can slow down the scale accumulation process. It’s also crucial to remember to flush your heater. Flushing your unit helps to prevent the water heater from clogging up with scale.

Soap problems

When you have hard water, you may find it quite hard to get soaps to lather unless you use more product than necessary. The hard water works against the molecules of the soaps as it is positively charged and soap is negatively charged. They aren’t able to make a bond with a charge, so the soap molecules aren’t able to dissolve.

There are some products that you can buy over the counter that help to minimize any hard water stains that have been left on your cutlery, dishes or glasses. They are specifically designed to work with hard water – the products can even remove years worth of hard water stains, build up and film.


Vinegar is a natural acid that can help to break down scale build up and hard water stains. You can use distilled vinegar to combat scale, film and spot problems on your household appliances that use water. The vinegar will also kill any bacteria, germs or mold.

When you use soaps with hard water, they can often leave behind soap scum. A simple way to effectively remove the soap scum is a combination of vinegar and filtered water. All you need to do it is mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with three parts filtered water, and then rinse the soap scum away.

For smaller kitchen appliances such as a teakettle or coffee maker, you can remove any scale buildup by running two cups of white vinegar through them. This should be done on a regular basis, so the lifespan of the appliances is not shortened.Clean Drinking Water - Water softeners San Antonio

Scale buildup

It’s really important to remove scale from not just your appliances but also from your piping system. If you leave the build up for too long, it can become quite difficult to remove. You should clean all of your appliances that use water and your pipes on a regular basis – this prevents them from becoming damaged and needing replacing.


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