Warning Signs Of A Clogged Sewer Line

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All homes have a sewer line that transports wastewater away from their home and into the sewers underground. Sewer lines are situated under the ground – because they are not visible, they are often forgotten. That is until the sewer line becomes clogged and problems arise. When your sewer line has become clogged, it’s not something that you can forget about or ignore. Clogged pipes san antonio

If a sewer line clog is left unattended, you could end up with raw sewage coming back up your drains and into your home. Not only does this make a huge mess, but it can also be quite damaging to your home. Sewer line repair or replacement can be quite pricey so before the problem gets too big, get it sorted as soon as possible to prevent any further damage and expensive repairs down the line.

When your home has a clogged sewer line or a clog in the making, there are some warning signs that homeowners can look out for:

Strange smell

One of the first telltale signs of a clogged sewer line is when there is a strange odor coming up from drains around your home. If you can smell a sewage-like odor coming up through your pipes, call in a professional plumber. They will be able to diagnose the problem and if there is a sewer line clog, take action to remove it.

Gurgling drains

If you can hear any gurgling sounds coming from your pipes or toilet, this is another sign that your main sewer line could be clogged.

Water back up

If your home has a clogged sewer line, you may also notice water backing up out of your drain. If your main sewer line has become clogged, any water you run from any faucet in your home will cause some backup. If you flush the toilet and water backflows through the drain into your shower or bathtub, you need to call in a plumber as soon as possible.Stopped pipes

Tree roots

Foreign objects that have been flushed down your toilet or washed down your drains aren’t the only causes for sewer line clogs – one of the most common causes for sewer lines to become blocked are tree roots. If you have any trees in your yard, you need to find out where you sewer lines are located. Once you know where they are, think about where your trees are growing, and could their roots affect the sewer line.

Locate your sewer clean out

Almost every sewer line will have a sewer cleanout. If you think you may have a sewer line clog, you will need to find the cleanout and check for any drainage. The cleanout is usually a white and black pipe – it’s located somewhere on your property, but it’s often hidden out of sight, usually within some bushes. When you find your sewer cleanout, if there is a pool of water or water flowing out from it, your sewer line is being obstructed.

Trapped air

If your home has a sewer line clog, trapped air may form inside of the pipes. The trapped air bubbles can cause the water to bubble when it’s coming out of the faucets or going down the drains. Look for air bubbles in your toilet, as your toilet has the most direct connection with your home’s sewer line.

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