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Do you want to completely update the look and feel of your bathroom? Are you tired of showering in a dingy and depressing shower stall? Do you lack the necessary funds to completely renovate your bathroom?

A plumber will tell you that a full bathroom remodel is an expensive and time-consuming process. However, you do not need to plan and execute a full-scale remodel to completely update the look and feel of your bathroom. In fact, all you need to do to feel like you have a brand-new bathroom is replace your shower head!

Choose a New Shower Head

When choosing a new shower head, there are many questions you should ask yourself and things to consider. First, ask yourself whether or not you would like to lower your water bill. If so, we recommend that you consider purchasing any one of many water-saving shower heads that are currently available on the market.

After you determine whether or not you need a water-saving shower head, you can think about the style of your new shower head. There are many styles available on the market; here are a few that you can consider:

•    Rainforest shower heads
•    Detachable shower heads
•    Surrounding shower heads with multiple nozzles
•    Massaging shower heads
•    And many more!

Once you select the shower head of your choosing, you can install it yourself or contact a San Antonio plumber for assistance. If you elect to install a shower head yourself, we caution you to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully prior to beginning the project. If you do not install the shower head properly, you may require some rather expensive plumbing repairs down the line.

Other Quick Ways to Revamp Your Bathroom

If replacing the shower head does not seem like a big enough change, you may also want to consider changing out all of your hardware including faucets and doorknobs. Just changing out your shower curtain can go a long way towards changing up the look of your bathroom.

Giving yourself a new bathroom is as simple as buying a new shower head. If you follow this advice from a San Antonio plumber, you can enjoy the look and feel of a brand new bathroom!

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