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For many homeowners in more rural areas, septic tanks are the only option for wastewater removal from the home. Unfortunately, many homeowners underestimate the amount of care that must go into taking care of your septic tank. If you would like to avoid calling a your local plumber for a costly and extensive repair, follow these simple tips to promote optimal septic tank function.

•    Watch the Trees

If you live on a wooded lot, be careful that your trees do not get too close to your septic tank, as the roots can damage it. Large trees can have root networks that extend more than 100 feet from the tree. If a root hits your septic tank, you will be looking as an incredibly costly set of plumbing repairs.

•    Do Not Treat Your Toilet Like the Trash

The only three things that should be flushed down your toilet are water, toilet paper and human waste. Anything more than that, like sanitary products, cigarette butts or kitty litter can cause your septic tank to clog. The plumbing repair cost for a clogged septic tank could run anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Avoid these charges by not treating your toilet like a garbage disposal.

•    Watch What You Let Go Down the Disposal

Speaking of garbage disposals, it is important that you are mindful of what you are putting down it. Our San Antonio plumbers encourage everyone to scrape their plates as thoroughly as possible into the trash before using the disposal – too much food down the drain can cause your tank to fill up more quickly than you expect. Furthermore, do not pour grease down the drain, this will impede your septic tank from functioning as it should.

•    Use Septic Tank Friendly Chemicals and Paper

Finally, it is imperative that you use only approved septic tank safe toilet paper and cleaning products. Using the wrong thing could ruin your septic tank and require a costly and time consuming set of plumbing repairs.

If you treat your septic tank right, it will last for decades. Follow these tips and your septic tank will run exactly as it should.

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