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Many people take their washing machines for granted, expecting them to run without issue at all times without actually having to perform any maintenance on them. This is a dangerous and costly mindset to have, and you will certainly feel the pain when one day your washing machine ceases to function and you must face a costly repair bill. Avoid having to call a San Antonio Plumber by following a few simple tips to extend the functional life of your washing machine!

•    Do not overload your machine. In the quest to get their laundry done as quickly as possible, many people frequently overload their machine. Over time, this can cause your machine to break down, not to mention, your clothes will not be properly cleaned if they are washed in an overloaded machine. The San Antonio Plumbers recommend that you make sure that clothing is loaded loosely into your washing machine to ensure that you do not cause a complete breakdown of the machine and have to face a costly repair bill.

•    Clean it regularly and properly. Most people forget that washing machines can get really dirty over time. The San Antonio Plumbers know that it is important to regularly and properly clean your washing machine so that it will continue to run the way it should. In addition to wiping up detergent spills and removing any debris that may collect in the bottom of your washing machine during the cycle, it is important to occasionally run the machine with no clothes or soap in it to make sure that the machine itself is clean. The San Antonio Plumbers recommend adding in some bleach in order to kill any mold or mildew that may be in your machine.

•    Check the hoses regularly. Occasional washing machine repair is an unavoidable fact of life if you own your own machine. What many people do not realize, however, is that they could have avoided a massive repair if they had called a San Antonio Plumber earlier! Each and every time you use your washing machine, check to make sure that all hoses and pipes running into the washing machine are in good working order with no visible leaks. A hose repair or replacement is a much less painful repair to deal with!

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