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What to Do In an Emergency Plumbing Situation

What to Do In an Emergency Plumbing Situation Any plumbing problems you experience in your house are an annoyance to deal with and while many of them fall in the DIY category, some problems require the immediate help of an emergency plumber. Emergency plumbing situations cause damage to your home, and are best dealt with [...]

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Professional Water Softener Services

Why Every Homeowner Needs Professional Water Softener Services from Five Star Plumbing There are a few things you need to do to upkeep your water softener, such as cleaning out the brine tank and occasionally adding salt to your softener. This will keep your water softener running for the most part, but it’s also recommended [...]

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4 Warning Signs You Need A Pipe Repair

4 Warning Signs You Need A Pipe Repair The pipes in your home require regular maintenance to ensure your household plumbing continues to work efficiently. Maintenance and repair will also help to prevent a major breakdown and will benefit your energy bills. Pipes can often suffer minor malfunctions and need to be repaired professionally. If [...]

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Hard Water Solutions

Hard Water Solutions Hard water is quite a common problem for homeowners across the country. Hard water is full of ions and minerals - it's completely natural and hasn't been through any chemical processes. Although hard water is safe to drink, many people don't want to use it in their home. It causes stains on [...]

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Warning Signs Of A Clogged Sewer Line

Warning Signs Of A Clogged Sewer Line All homes have a sewer line that transports wastewater away from their home and into the sewers underground. Sewer lines are situated under the ground - because they are not visible, they are often forgotten. That is until the sewer line becomes clogged and problems arise. When your [...]

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Common Plumbing Repairs: When to Call a Professional

Common Plumbing Repairs: When to Call a Professional When the plumbing in your home isn’t working the way it should, it can be incredibly frustrating. Plumbing is essential to your everyday life, so it’s easy to understand why homeowners panic when something goes wrong. Common plumbing issues affect everything from your toilets to your faucets, [...]

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The True Cost of a Water Leak

The True Cost of a Water Leak You’ve started to notice a dripping faucet somewhere in your home, which may not seem very significant, but that’s before you realize just how much household leaks are costing you and the area around you. Leaks can be extremely costly, both in terms of the money you’ll have [...]

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A Quick Guide To Water Heaters

A Quick Guide To Water Heaters If you want to take a long warm bath, you need a water heater or you won't be able to get any hot water at all. Water heaters heat up your home's water immediately then send a supply of hot water through the pipes and to your appliances. If [...]

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